Adult Day Program


The Center for Autism Adult Day Program is committed to helping adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pervasive Development Delays-NOS live fulfilling, and productive lives as members of the community.

What makes the Center for Autism's Adult Day Program distinctive is that we provide services of activities of daily living and community exploration in an educational and interactive environment. Empirical data confirms we can be adult learners if exposed to an environment conducive to intrinsic learning. We believe adult learners with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Delays have more to learn, more to offer, and we want to continue their educational experience.

The fiscally moderate design falls within the contractual components while augmenting innovative programming for adults. Our physical environment is geared towards a classroom setting that provides space and equipment for a small group transitional structure. We utilize smart board and technology devices to facilitate breaking down task analysis, learning by doing, and incidental teaching.

The Center for Autism provides each individual an opportunity to work on activities of daily living within a simulated home-community based environment. Each individual is part of a small group of six working on a task related to independent living. Activities are age-appropriate, and are based on the strengths of the individual. Each task is consistent and predictable. There is one direct care specialist assigned to each small group. Individuals rotate through the various independent-living activities throughout the day.

Activities concentrating on independent-living skills consist of community exploration, activities of daily living, interpersonal development, purposeful movement, and art therapy. Each area incorporates community integration, which gives individuals the opportunity to utilize learned skills in the community.

The Center for Autism's Adult Day program supports adults with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities in their pursuit to achieve community integration. Our goal is to support our students in their quest to understand and trust the world and the community. We believe providing experiences in community settings increase self-determination skills and independence in adult students. For this reason, we provide a series of community activities that provide opportunities for adult learners to practice and enhance independent living skills.

The Center for Autism – Adult Day Program operates 230 days 5 hours a day. All adult learners need to be twenty one (21) years old or over, and also be recipients of the Division of Developmental Disabilities. If you are interested in the program or want more information please contact us at 973-732-9301.



"The Center for Autism provides each individual an opportunity to work on activities of daily living within a simulated home-community based environment"